Do you do exercise daily?  Are you lazy to get out of your bed to go for walk or do aerobics? Are you unable to stand on your feet at morning?  Are you not a morning person?

If no, then this article is for you because it will tell you that what you can get from daily exercising. 

  1. Lift your mood: Human has instinct or habit of doing effort naturally; therefore,  exercise makes him or her happy. Exercise rewires your brain and active those area which release hormones that reduce stress and that are responsible to make you happy. That’s the reason why you feel a sense of objectivity or feel fulfillment after exercise. So, go for walk and reduce stress.
  2. Improve Memory: Stress and depression damage brain by destroying your neurons. Exercise, on the other hand, activates happy hormones that result in better performance because of activating such areas that are related to memory making and giving your best. That’s the reason why computer geeks at Silicon Valley are seen in parks at morning walking on track!
  3. Make Bones and Muscles Strong: Exercise increases muscle building if you would have higher or adequate intake of proteins because exercising activates such hormones that let muscles to absorb amino acids which result in growth of muscles and lesser breakdown. Daily exercise reduce the muscle loss and main them with your age.
  4. Increase Energy levels: According to studies and experiments, exercise is more effective to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS than other treatments that include therapies and relaxation. Besides this, one study shows that exercise reduce fatigue by six weeks in 36 people who reported it.
  5. No chronic diseases: Exercise reduce insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and cholesterol levels which result in healthy heart, cardiovascular fitness and reduced chances of diabetes. And if you have diabetes, then exercise is the only tool that can help you to manage the disease easily.
  6. Help in weight loss: Exercise fasten your metabolism by heating up your body due to which you can lose a lot of weight and fat. Aerobic exercise along with resistance training help you a lot to lose pounds at pace. Daily exercise can burn your thousands of calories.
  7. Keep skin healthy: Oxidative stress is the reason behind lose skin. Oxidative stress do not let antioxidants to protect the cells. They damage the radicals and internal structures which result in deterioration of skin. Exercise reduce Oxidative stress and produce more antioxidants that delay skin again and keep it healthy.
  8. Improve sleep: During exercise, your body temperature is increased and energy is depleted which lead to better sleep at night. According to studies 150 minutes long vigorous exercise can improve sleep by 65 percent.
  9. Reduce pain: Exercise increase pain tolerance and reduce the perception of pain. Therefore, it helps to overcome chronic pain of shoulders, back and many others.

So, these are top nine benefits of exercise. Do exercise daily, it will be like a gift and present to you once you will become habitual.