Early childhood education is the program that delivers the infrastructure for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years. It helps the children to function more and quicker rather than those who do not have an early age education. It helps the children with the study material as it gives them courage and helps with functioning during their classwork routines and many others.

However, everything that has advantages also has some disadvantages and the same routine goes for early childhood education. The purpose behind early childhood education is to provide the children as well as adults (employees and parents) to look for such productive ideas which can be a game-changing routine when it comes to learn and get through the various phenomenon of physical abilities as well as mental abilities.

However, this can also be a reason of demotivation in the children as they can become vulnerable to feelings like jealousy, hatred, and sometimes all the negativity that could make them bully the other children if not taken seriously.

Since all these issues, there are many other disadvantages of early childhood education that can not only eradicate the mind of a child but also become a helpless reason to employees and parents as they can never be angry which can lead to a character development of children to such extent that they can do anything they want to do and they can do it anytime.

Therefore, some of the disadvantages of early childhood education are as follow; as with the influence of technology and science in the world, the children are becoming vulnerable to these terms too as they are getting familiar with this concept that technology is the only thing, they can rely upon to survive the cultural and social norms. However, not only this but the excessive use of technology can also be a reason for misguided and mislead behavior within the mind of a child although it is not good as we can see, it is being celebrated all around the world. The institutions in the world vow to give a fewer student to teacher ratio which inspires the depression and stress routine in children as when they see their favorite teacher being friendly with one of the other kids, they feel unloved and mistreated which can be a reason of spark to anxiety and depression. Absence in the occurrence of proper studying material and guidance can become a reason for negative side effects among children.