Dubai is also known as the global city and it is growing and developing at the rate of knots. It has developed into a kernel of outlanders who wish to work here. The bigger the city the bigger the problems and since the city is always growing including the number of people which invites a number of medical issues as well since none of us are perfect either physically or mentally. So, this causes a huge demand for the best doctors and doctors from all around the world or most of them have at least or once provided their services in Dubai.

Doctors, dentists, nurses and another kind of professionals of health often pursue their careers in Dubai to enjoy the diversity and different people from different cultures as well. But what most new medical students ask is what are the course of actions needed to become a doctor in Dubai?

Becoming a doctor is a nervy dingus and to work in a medical field in Dubai is much more vigorous. If you are from UAE or you are an expat, you need to have a germane licensing and qualification from your home country and you will have to pass some assessments by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Even if you have your medical certificates from UAE medical universities, still you have to pass the DHA assessments.

First thing’s first, if you are an expat, you need a visa. There can be two ways; either you are appointed by a hospital as a doctor or you come to Dubai in a visit visa and search for a job and if you have the right set of skills and some luck you can have your visa changed afterward. Moreover, if you are a UAE resident and you have the best medical skills, you can apply to different hospitals.

Tip; keep an eye or a regular update on the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) website for the latest news and medical jobs. And talking about the salaries of the doctors, after the oil refinery companies, doctors are the second one to make the money in a year. An average practitioner can earn up to AED 250,000 annually, a surgeon earns up to AED 120,500 and even a staff nurse earns up to AED 88,000 in a year.

Doctors are welcomed with respect in Dubai and there are most highly paid, and if you are lucky enough and you have the best services maybe you have the chance of becoming a personal doctor of an Emirati.