We all have heard different stories about people being scammed online while shopping or trading money or even simply browsing through sites. But there are also some very successful stories of people not being scammed even once and this makes us wonder what the truth is. Well, here we have some horror stories about online shopping scams from which you can learn a lot and never fall into the same trap again.

  1. A person receives an email from a sales representative saying that they are willing to sell PS 3 in low prices. They claimed to be certified and when looked up turns out they were the gold seller on a well known credible site. So the person goes ahead paying for 10 PS 3s and ends up with no answer. What actually happened was that the company was credible but turns out the salesperson weren’t. They used some other company’s name to gain trust.
  2. In such case look for the email address and verify it from somewhere.
  3. Don’t respond to such emails.
  4. Look for the company’s credibility and see what they sell.
  5. Someone contacts a seller to buy nokia phones in a significantly lower price but they paid only half of the payment upfront to complete the transaction once the item is received. The seller then goes ahead and refuses to send the item until more products are purchased. They also blackmail telling the buyer that they won’t return their payment as well. Here the seller plays with emotional level of the customer to trick them. The customer never received neither their products nor their money.
  6. Someone selling a well known brand or product in cheaper rates is never to be trusted.
  7. Use a familiar, safe and secure payment method or third party payment gateway to stay safe from scammers.
  8. A person orders consumer electronics and losses a huge chunk of money because the seller posed some ‘valid sounding’ excuses to the buyer for which they paid more and ended up receiving nothing. In reality the seller had setup a fake third party shipping website to make the payments look legit.
  9. Check the credibility and reviews of the site.
  10. When the buyer asks more money to solve the problem, walk away.