Indian restaurants in Dubai offer a huge variety of sweet dishes. When you are visiting to the restaurant, you don’t plan on eating the sweet dish but when you see the tempting and delightful sweet dishes, you just can’t resist yourself from eating them. There are a lot of people who don’t like sweet dishes and such people should be considered as tasteless people. In this article, we are going to tell you some details about the sweet dishes that are offered in the Indian restaurants in Dubai. Make sure you try all of these once in your life otherwise you are not enjoying life to its fullest.

So have a look at the most famous sweet dishes offered in Indian restaurants.

  • Ras malai: Ras malai is considered as one of the most famous Indian sweet dish. It mainly consists of milk, cream and sugar. Different dry fruits are also included in this sweet dish like cashew, almonds and nuts. It’s a type of cheesecake that doesn’t consist of a crust. It was introduced in the West Bengal.
  • Gulab jaman: It is a dish which was originated from the Indian subcontinent. This sweet dish comes under the category of mithai. It’s one of the most famous sweet dish in Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh etc. Gulab jamans could be eaten both hot and cold as well. They are so scrumptious that once you start eating it, it becomes difficult to stop yourself. They are made up of different ingredients like khoya, powdered milk, flour, baking powder and ghee. The small balls are made from the dough and then they fried. When the frying part is done, they are dipped into the sugar syrup.
  • Barfi: Barfi is a Persian name but it’s a dish which was originated from India. Like ras malai, barfi also falls under the category of the most Indian mithai. The ingredients used in the barfi are granulated sugar, ghee and khoya. To make it tastier, different dry fruits are added in the recipe. To make it look extremely rich, people use rose water and saffron. So whenever you visit any Indian restaurant don’t forget to try your hands on this scrumptious sweet dish.

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