With the advancement of technology, everything is digital from records, documents, agreements, etc. However, although digital technology has replaced it in most parts, the paper is still extensively being used in all departments of corporate and education sectors for a number of reasons. The first is the security that paper records offer that digital records, capable of being hacked or lost, etc. cannot offer. Apart from that, the use of paper doesn’t expose you to harmful rays that not only destroy your eye-sight and kill brain cells but will also cause other health issues. Maybe for school supplies or an office project, you must have wondered where you could find the cheapest A4 paper in Dubai. Fortunately for you, we have made a list of the popularly cheap stationery shops in UAE.  There are 4 main categories of paper we use today:

  • Repro Paper:

This one is popularly known as off-set or printing paper. It is used for printing purposes. These sheets are made of a minute amount of cellulose and a large amount of filler and this feature of the type of paper helps in printing.

  • Tissue paper:

This is the most popular of all types of paper. It is a common household requirement and it isn’t very expensive in the markets either. It Is made up of mainly virgin fiber and a variety of procedures are applied to make them as soft and flexible as they are. They are mainly used for cleaning purposes.

  • Coated paper:

This type of paper is made of shorter fiber and the filler is applied to it via a binding agent. It has recreational use in printing magazines, photographs, and book covers

  • Cardboards:

This type of paper derivative is made out of the wood pulp, it is thicker than your average paper owing to its constituents. It is also a very eco-friendly product since it is mainly made out of raw material. Kraft paper is a type of cardboard paper. It is increasingly used for packaging material due to its low cost and biodegradable nature.

Top 3 Places you can find the cheapest paper:

  • Daiso Japan:

This is a very accessible store that can be found in almost any mall, it has numerous branches all across the UAE. And everything is priced at DH7 or less

  • Mercado:

Located in Bur Dubai near Burjuman Mall, everything is priced at Dh1 to Dh20

  • Carrefour:

This is a popular name with affordability, there is a variety of range and types of materials you will find here. It is also a good place to shop for raw materials or packaging for in-expensive or affordable corporate giveaways in Dubai.