With the increased demand now most of the bakeries are providing the facility of cake delivery online in which you can order cake through their online portal and they will send you cake through their delivery boys. To get this you need to be very careful and order only to the trusted websites and bakers because no one will want to get a plain cake or even no cake at the time of the party. To get the best chances of good birthday cake delivery Dubai you need to follow these tips:

Keep in touch: You have to constantly be in touch with your baker and ask them about the latest position of your cake. It doesn’t mean to annoy the baker just ask in the friendly manner and if they said that they sent cake out then get the contact of the delivery boy to know the exact location of him.

Location guide: You need to tell the exact location or send the location map to the baker so that the cake will not get lost in the streets and then arrive late or arrive out of order. You have to tell the most famous place around the place and then explain the location in as much detail as possible.

Select trusted: To get the best delivery in time you have to select the trusted baker especially when you have ordered for a big party. You need to either visit their place for once or you have to order something small before you order a huge cake form any bakery. When you order from a trusted and most famous baker then it will be less likely that you will get betrayed.

Don’t panic: It is the main tip that you do not need to get panic at your party. Even if the cake will arrive late you need to keep calm and compose yourself in front of guests. When you have ordered from a good baker then you need to stay calm because sometimes the delivery will arrive late due to the traffic on the road for any other reason. Keep in touch with the baker so you can change your plan of serving the cake when you know that the delivery will come a little late and none of your guests will get the clue about late arrival.