Yogurt is used in our dishes and food commonly. We prepare curries and dips with the help of yogurt. The best part is that this much-needed ingredient can be prepared at home easily in just five steps. Scroll down to read the easy steps. 

  1. What milk you should choose: Nowadays there different kinds and types of milk in stores. Try to choose raw or whole milk. The healthier the milk is, the healthier will be yogurt. 
  2. Heat the milk: After buying healthy milk, you have to heat it. Pour milk in pot and boil it at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You can dip thermometer in the pot to see the temperature. A digital thermometer makes the process easier. A person has to set the temperature to 180 and alarm will ring when the temperature is achieved. 
  3. Cool the milk: Turn off the stove and keep the pot on counter to let it cool down. It is important to cool milk after boiling. It does not let the proteins of the liquid to make curds. You have to cool it to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even keep the pot in a cold water bath to cool it fast. Yet, it will make it difficult for you to make yogurt than keeping the pot on the counter still. 
  4. Add pre-made yogurt: Once the milk is cooled, add one or two tablespoons of yogurt in it. You can use old yogurt that you have made a few days before you can buy yogurt from store and add its spoons in it. The yogurt has some bacteria that carry out the process of fermentation and make curds that result in yogurt. 
  5. Keep it in a closed space: After adding yogurt, keep the mixture in a closed place or pot. The closed space let the bacteria to ferment the milk and turn it into thick and sour food that you add in different dishes. You can either put the mixture in air tight box or keep the bowl in a closed cupboard. Yet, it will take a day to make yogurt.

So, these are the five easy steps that can result in sour yet creamy yogurt which you can use to prepare smoothies and steaks. You can buy it from any whole market of milk and dairy products supplier. You can visit different sites if to look for more info about yogurt.