Shopping is simply love. Well, to most of us and many of us don’t. there are many of us who will visit all the markets and shops in the city and find the best dress of us and there are some of us who just goes to one or two stores and get the dress that they like.

But now the shopping scene has now slowed down and that is all because of the virus and the stores had to close to stay away from the virus. But there is a saying that when one door closes, two more open.

And, in the shopping world, there are different ways to shop now and that is online business. If you are still in lock down or you are thinking to open a business that is secure then we suggest that you open an online store of men’s clothing in Dubai.

This kind of business is easy to do and it becomes popular soon and if you want to open one now then it is best that you go through some facts about online shopping and purchasing online low price men’s t shirt below:

  • The online shopping is becoming so famous that the stats say that by the start of 2021, every kid at the age of 12 or above will shop or place an order and currently, each day five million orders take place.
  • There are different pros and cons of online shopping but most are pros and because of these pros by 2040, 95 percent of the people will shop online.
  • Mobiles are an easy way for everything now and by the end of 2021, 72 percent of the people will be using mobiles to do online shopping.
  • After the pandemic ends or not, the US consumers say that they will shop online and this is said by 77 percent of the shoppers and the remaining percentage said that they will shop by the stores by physically and actually visiting them.
  • It is high time to open a store because by 2023, the online purchases will be breaking the record and there will be more than 6 trillion worth of dollars sales in a year.
  • 75 percent of the shoppers trust and buy from Amazon.