Fingerprint Attendance System in UAE restricts any unauthorized person to a particular restricted area with the fingerprint as a biometric authentication method. This biometric authentication system adds a second layer of security to your existing door lock. The reader in this system tells the door handle to open only if the fingerprint matches the recorded database. It is the most secure and foolproof fingerprint locking system that guarantees the complete security of the facility. This system has several key considerations that are very important in its proper implementation, and they should be considered before installing this system.

Time is the key consideration:

One of the key considerations is time. If the fingerprint attendance system is not properly implemented, the processing of the payroll will take much longer time than usual. To overcome this problem, the service provider should have well-designed and developed a software application that stores the information correctly. If the system cannot update its data, it can be a cause of frustration for the service provider and the client. If you use the payroll processing software, it should be able to update the data whenever there is a change in the schedule of the company.

Consider reliability:

Another key consideration is reliability. This biometric fingerprint attendance system requires the collection and recording of accurate data. If the accuracy of the recorded data is less than ninety percent, then it cannot be used as an effective biometric authentication tool. Therefore, the accuracy of the fingerprint attendance system is a crucial factor to implement.

Make sure it works with the current door mechanism of the company:

The biometric fingerprint attendance system should also work well with the current door mechanism of the company. If you are using the traditional lock and key system, then you may find many issues with the fingerprint attendance system. The main issue is that this old lock and key systems cannot integrate with the new door mechanism. Therefore, if you are using the lock and key method of attendance, then it is highly recommended to update the system with a modern finger reader.There are also some major concerns with using the key and lock system. If the employees do not have a key for the main door, then the fingerprint attendance system cannot function effectively. The only way to resolve this issue is to provide the employees with access control in Dubai.